Pubdate: Tue, 13 Jan 2015
Source: Wisconsin State Journal (WI)
Copyright: 2015 Madison Newspapers, Inc.
Author: Chuck Litweiler


When we learn of the accidental murder of a baby by shooters intending 
to hit a rival drug dealer two doors away, it's time to think about what 
might be done to stop such madness.

Because one-issue gun advocates are willing to spend unlimited money
to sway an election, we cannot regulate possession of firearms or
ammunition. It may be time to carefully consider whether we can tamp
down the greed that propels this violence. That means examining
whether legalizing drugs would result in fewer deaths.

I don't like the thought of legalizing heroin and cocaine, because
doing so would likely result in more addiction. But the murder of
innocents here and in Mexico is worse.

We have an unending demand for illegal drugs here. If legalization can
result in fewer deaths, we should investigate it.

Chuck Litweiler, Madison
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