Pubdate: Fri, 16 Jan 2015
Source: Longview News-Journal (TX)
Copyright: 2015 Cox Newspapers, L.P
Author: Mark Friend


I fail to see the problem with legalizing medical marijuana. It has 
shown some astounding benefits for children who suffer from some 
kinds of seizures. It has shown great benefits for people receiving 
chemotherapy, those with glaucoma and other ailments.

The quotes attributed to Judge Stoudt in the News-Journal seem to 
imply we cannot pursue legalization of a valuable medicine and the 
prohibition of an allegedly toxic substance (K2 or synthetic 
marijuana) at the same time. Why not?

This conflict seems to come back to the issue of civil asset 
forfeiture. This is the means used by police to confiscate assets. 
Those assets then become the property of the police agency that 
confiscated them.

The Gregg County district attorney has suggested the only people who 
would not contest confiscation of their property are criminals. I 
submit a person who has had $20,000 confiscated and knows that it 
will cost $15,000 for lawyers to take it to court, will agree to a 
settlement if he can get $10,000 or $15,000 back.

I know Judge Stoudt, Sheriff Cerliano, Sheriff Betterton and other 
county officials to be good men. I hope they reconsider.

- - Mark Friend, Gladewater
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