Pubdate: Sat, 24 Jan 2015
Source: Wall Street Journal (US)
Copyright: 2015 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
Author: Mike Scardina


Elliott J. Millenson seems intent on starting a hunt for all the bad 
that legal use of marijuana brings (Letters, Jan. 20). Perhaps the 
CDC and FDA haven't put out any "reefer madness"  guidelines because 
their long-term "compassionate use"  studies confirm a general lack 
of harm from marijuana use.

Efforts to combat the obvious negative effects of alcohol and tobacco 
use are all good programs, doing good work to minimize death and 
destruction. Law enforcement may be champing at the bit to raise 
awareness to the dangers of stoned driving, but prospective campaigns 
lack a concrete example of horror comparable to MADD campaigns of the 
past. Major brawls in the street at closing time, or line-ups of the 
homeless to greet store openings seem to be missing from the 
recreational and medical marijuana stores. Getting edibles switched 
from medical to recreation dosages and continued protections for 
children are important issues for our society going forward, but tax 
revenue has proved significant and can be easily used to finance 
efforts. Besides, issues like youth hunger, education and opportunity 
deserve our attention, and perhaps those would be a better use for 
the congressional hearings Mr. Millenson is so keen on seeing.

Current enforcement expenditures and federal witch hunts all cost 
money. It may be a better use of taxpayer dollars to fund significant 
and comprehensive research on the many health benefits of medical 
marijuana and the commercial viability of large-scale hemp 
production. It would be awesome if doctors had a clue why a green oil 
helps many with epilepsy.

Mike Scardina


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