Pubdate: Wed, 11 Feb 2015
Source: Summit Daily News (CO)
Copyright: 2015 Summit Daily News
Author: Stan White


It's disappointing but not unexpected, reading past Mayor of New 
York, Michael Bloomberg, believes re-legalizing cannabis in Colorado 
is "stupid."

As a cannabis prohibitionist, Bloomberg used dubious stop and frisk 
methods to arrest more citizens for pot than any mayor in the world, 
all while possession of cannabis in NYC is decriminalized. Possessing 
cannabis in NYC is an infraction similar to a parking ticket, not 
leading to arrest while displaying cannabis in public is still a 
misdemeanor. Bloomberg's police would ask if a suspect had cannabis 
in their possession and if they said yes, their policy was to have 
the suspect empty their pocket. Once cannabis was then viewed in 
public due to police request, they would make an arrest. Minorities 
paid the price of Bloomberg's scheme at alarmingly disproportionate 
rates than the general public.

Bloomberg's methods contributed to broken families, increased 
difficulty finding jobs, putting people with minor offenses into 
contact with hardened criminals with all its implications and 
perpetuating poverty, which harms society. All while Bloomberg claims 
having an interest in lowering poverty.

Racist cannabis prohibitionists might consider Bloomberg's stop and 
frisk methods ingenious and successful, since cannabis prohibition 
was originally designed to attack minorities.

When we examine cannabis prohibition, the act of caging humans for 
using a relatively safe God-given plant, it is beyond stupid. 
Cannabis prohibition is the devil's law and Colorado was smart to 
stop the injustice.

Stan White

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