Pubdate: Tue, 03 Mar 2015
Source: Alaska Dispatch News (AK)
Copyright: 2015 Alaska Dispatch Publishing
Note: Anchorage Daily News until July '14
Author: Stan White


Kevin Coe's point is well taken ("Sorry, high rollers," ADN, Feb. 
27). However, with hundreds of regulated stores selling cannabis in 
Colorado, we're talking mere technicalities.

Although Uncle Sam couldn't care less what Colorado's (Washington, 
Oregon and Alaska included) constitution reads, in reality Colorado, 
and the entire nation more strongly, could care less what Uncle Sam believes.

Further and more important, God indicates He created all the 
seed-bearing plants saying they're all good on literally the very 
first page of the Bible and God's law trumps U.S. Constitution law. 
Technically, then, cannabis has never been illegal.

American's level of contempt for the discredited prohibition of 
cannabis renders the federal government insignificant. Cannabis 
prohibition is over.

- - Stan White Dillon, Colo.
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