Pubdate: Thu, 09 Apr 2015
Source: Chronicle-Journal, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2015 The Chronicle-Journal
Author: Chantal Brandon


Re Drug Clinic Causing Some Jitters - CJ, April 6:

I am a citizen of Thunder Bay. I am writing to respond and give us
patients of the Ontario Addiction Treatment Centre clinics a voice.

I am a patient of the OATC North clinic. It is convenient for people
in the area, especially ones with children.

While everyone has a right to an opinion, the business owners, workers
and many others are uneducated. Some just listen to what they hear.
More people need to be aware that the clinic has saved lives, kept
children with their families and helped people get back their normal

The ages and treatments vary involving opiates, counselling. People
who lost doctors to retirement use the OATC for pain management.

OATC patients are like any other people; we want to get in and out of
the clinic. We're not there to mingle or commit crime.

I attend the North clinic and have never heard of fear or crime. Why
would it start now at this new location?

I am insulted by the stereotyping. I'm a small business owner myself
and a patient of methadone.

I'm an example of those that these clinics are helping, not hurting.
All I'm asking is please, get educated.

Chantal Brandon Thunder Bay
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