Pubdate: Sun, 19 Apr 2015
Source: Argus Observer (OR)
Copyright: 2015 Ontario Argus Observer
Author: Stan White


Another reason for accepting cannabis (marijuana) due to its chemical
compounds that give it healing properties, that doesn't get mentioned
(Professor says marijuana benefits the body, Apr. 12, 2015) is because
it's Biblically correct since God (The Ecologician) created all the
seed bearing plants saying they're all good on literally the very 1st
page of the Bible. Many people know of cannabis as the tree of life
and the very last page of the Bible indicates the leaves of the tree
of life are for the healing of the nations. In over 5,000 years of
documented medical use, there still isn't one single death, that's
safety on a Biblical scale. Cannabis is the king of the plant kingdom.

Truthfully, Stan White,

Dillon, Colorado
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