Pubdate: Thu, 24 Sep 2015
Source: Chico Enterprise-Record (CA)
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Author: Garry Cooper


I have some questions about the enforcement of Measure A, the pot 
ordinance, for you.

One 76-year-old man I interviewed answered his door to two sheriff's 
officers and was held at gunpoint with his hands in the air inside 
his entry because "they heard running in his house," which was his 
dog but could have been his grandchildren. Does this sound like 
building code enforcement or a police raid? Is this excessive force? 
His lawyer thinks it is. How about you?

Another couple, who have always been in full compliance, have been 
"visited" three times by code enforcement along with two sheriff's 
officials. Once they had family visiting and now feel their home is 
subject to search at any time and are reluctant to even have guests 
over. Both have serious medical issues and are in their 60s. Sound 
like this is the protection against unreasonable search and enjoyment 
of your home that the Constitution guarantees?

One couple was recently issued a "correction notice" because their 
yard contains fruit trees and plants that code enforcement identified 
from satellite photos as marijuana and the landowner told them that 
they couldn't search without a warrant - his constitutional right. 
The correction notice states no specific correction to be made. What 
does one do with such a notice? Are they being fined $1,000 a day for 
having no violation?

Inspections are being demanded with no specific violation being 
alleged or with the valid complainant Measure A requires.

Sound reasonable to you?

- - Garry Cooper, Durham
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