Pubdate: Tue, 03 Nov 2015
Source: Parksville Qualicum Beach News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2015 Black Press
Author: Glenda Barr


I would like to respond to Kelvin Sheeler's recent letter to the 
editor regarding cannabis legalization (The NEWS, Oct. 29). I hope 
that I can help him understand some of his mis-perceptions.

The most basic point in his argument seems to be that the illegal 
status of drugs keeps people safer. The more dangerous drugs are, the 
more important it is to remove their distribution from the hands of 
criminals. As in the case of pharmaceuticals, which pose many 
dangers, all drug use should be treated as a health issue and dealt 
with in a legal and regulated framework. So, yes, Kelvin, we should 
legalize all drugs.

A regulated distribution system would decrease the availability of 
cannabis to minors. Cannabis is much more easily purchased at a high 
school than alcohol is, because distribution is illegal, and 
criminals don't check ID.

Indeed, we have defeated some of the problems of alcohol use by 
ending prohibition. Prohibition of alcohol fueled much criminal 
activity, as is the case with illegal drugs.

Driving these things underground dis-empowers us to adequately deal 
with problems, and impedes treatment, where that is required. It also 
creates general disrespect, and fear, for the law.

Incarceration of individuals for drug offences has a devastating 
effect on families, and our society as a whole, and comes at great 
cost for poor results.

Sheeler's 'facts' about cannabis are fraught with myth and 
misinformation, but there is only space to tackle one aspect of his 
letter. Folks, please do your own credible research before you form 
your opinions.

Glenda Barr Lantzville
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