Pubdate: Tue, 10 Nov 2015
Source: Penticton Herald (CN BC)
Copyright: 2015 The Okanagan Valley Group of Newspapers
Author: Otto Sturhahn
Page: A9


Dear editor:

Since legalizing pot is again on the agenda, I would like to say a 
few words in that regard.

The groups that are against legalizing consist of lawyers, judges, 
law enforcement and the institutions that are housing the criminals 
in PPP jails. The latter would like to have the jails full, so that 
their investment pays off.

On the other hand those that want to legalize marijuana would like a 
piece of the pie. These are pharmacy industry, medical professionals 
and of course the government. The latter has an appetite for cash 
like the cookie monster, so that they can pay the interest on the 
borrowed money.

I belong to a third group that would like it if all drugs were 
decriminalized. I would like to see again poppies, pot plants and 
other hallucinating weeds in every front yard. When I was a child in 
school, my teacher taught me how to make opium from poppies. I even 
learned how to make black powder. At that time people decorated their 
front yard with sleeping weeds.

People may remember that there was a time when alcohol was an enemy 
of mankind, a time of prohibition. We all know how that turned out, 
because those racketeers like Al Capone and many more made a fortune 
in home brewed whisky.

These racketeers were the same characters which lobbied the 
government, to make alcohol illegal. If we would do some checking in 
that regard, we would notice that the same make a fortune with today's laws.

When drugs were neither legal, nor illegal, there were no drug 
addicts anywhere. The trouble started right after it became illegal 
to have some fun.

I can remember a story, where Ceres put opium in a child's cereal 
meal to help them sleep and recover from illness, because when one 
sleeps we are in the hands of the gods and they heal us overnight.

Otto Sturhahn

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