Pubdate: Tue, 10 Nov 2015
Source: National Post (Canada)
Copyright: 2015 Canwest Publishing Inc.
Author: Chuck Beyer
Page: A13


Re: So, Like, Is Pot Legal Yet, Man?, Jen Gerson, Nov. 6. It is time for 
the provinces to weigh in on this issue. Once marijuana is struck from 
the Controlled drugs & Substances Act, it is no longer illegal and 
becomes "property" like alcohol and tobacco. As the provinces have 
jurisdiction over property and civil rights, they should now be 
pressuring the federal government to allow them to tax and regulate it. 
There will also be great savings in policing and prohibition costs. In 
Colorado, pot is bringing in more money for the state than alcohol.

Chuck Beyer, Port Alberni, B.C.
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