Pubdate: Wed, 02 Dec 2015
Source: Metro Times (Detroit, MI)
Copyright: 2015 C.E.G.W./Times-Shamrock
Author: William Clark


I favor the MILegalize petition. Please visit its website and
contribute to its campaign fund.

Michigan is a right-to-farm state. If your land is suitable and you
raise crops according to state standards, you may compete in the
state's open market. I'd say legalize marijuana but don't corporatize
it. Never interfere with patients' rights to grow their own. And tell
the police to take a hike. They are addicted to profiting from
Michigan's antiquated, unconstitutional forfeiture law. Their reps
have repeatedly hijacked lawmakers' votes to fine tune the MMMA by
showing up en masse and playing "tough cop" in legislators' offices
just before a vote.

Prohibition of marijuana is a premise built on a tissue of lies:
concern for public safety. Our new laws save hundreds of lives every
year on our highways alone. In November 2011, a study at the
University of Colorado found that in the 13 states that decriminalized
marijuana between 1990 and 2009, traffic fatalities have dropped by
nearly 9 percent - now nearly 10 percent in Michigan - more than the
national average, while sales of beer went flat by 5 percent. No
wonder Big Alcohol opposes it. Ambitious, unprincipled, profit-driven
undertakers might be tempted too.

In 2012, a study released by 4AutoinsuranceQuote revealed that
marijuana users are safer drivers than non-marijuana users, as "the
only significant effect that marijuana has on operating a motor
vehicle is slower driving," which "is arguably a positive thing."
Despite occasional accidents, eagerly reported by police-blotter
"journalists" as "marijuana-related," a mix of substances was often
involved. Alcohol, most likely, and/or prescription drugs, nicotine,
caffeine, meth, cocaine, heroin, and a trace of the marijuana passed
at a party 10 days ago. However, on the whole - as revealed in
big-time, insurance-industry stats, within the broad swath of mature,
experienced consumers - slower and more cautious driving shows up in
significant numbers. Legalization should improve those numbers further.

No one has ever died from an overdose of marijuana. It's the most
benign "substance" in history. Most people - and particularly patients
who medicate with marijuana - use it in place of prescription drugs or

William Clark
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