Pubdate: Thu, 10 Dec 2015
Source: Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette (Fayetteville, AR)
Copyright: 2015 Northwest Arkansas Newspapers LLC.
Author: Billy Long


The reason I wrote to the editor instead of the attorney general's 
office is because Attorney General Rutledge may tell me I was using 
the wrong words in my letter, especially if it has to do about 
legalizing marijuana.

It seems every time the issue comes up for the ballot, she doesn't 
like the wording. And I wanted to make sure she would read my letter. 
I hope she understands this.

She's worried about letting the people who have been charged or 
convicted on marijuana out of jail. Let's see, prisons are full. 
Jails are full, and every day, you read about possession of a 
controlled substance and paraphernalia, and they won't even tell us 
it's pot. They say if it's meth or cocaine, but not pot? I think they 
are embarrassed because of what they're doing or how stupid it is to 
lock people up for it. All this talk about more jails, not enough 
beds at the prison. Can you understand these words, Attorney General Rutledge?

Legalizing marijuana would cut the prisons and jails at least a 
quarter. The tax money could solve problems with the Department of 
Human Services workers, the children not having enough beds, the 
roads and bridges, even schools. Again, I ask, does Attorney General 
Rutledge understand my words?

I want the folks to read this letter and I hope they will understand 
my words. I could go on about the good things marijuana could do for 
the state and the people who need it.

I do believe that to buy it, the age needs to be 18 years old. And 
you know a lot of people won't smoke it or eat products made from it. 
But ask yourselves: Raise your taxes or triple the money with no higher taxes?

So, I ask Attorney General Rutledge: Do you understand these words?


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