Pubdate: Mon, 08 Feb 2016
Source: Mail Tribune, The (Medford, OR)
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Author: Shirley Stanfield


Oregon has an 18-year history of legal medical marijuana use. The 
program works and has brought an improved quality of life to 
thousands. Like other pioneering efforts (death with dignity, 
same-sex marriage, increased minimum wage, vote by mail, etc.), it 
has not resulted in the sky falling.

Legalization of cannabis in Oregon, hopefully, means an end to its 
demonization. We are now free to investigate its full potential, to 
enjoy its many benefits. It means it is once again a legitimate 
agricultural product and should be treated as such.

Fear should not dictate unreasonable controls through 
over-regulation, or we will find that the only players in this new 
field are big corporations. If done with forethought, we will give 
our local organic farmers an opportunity to contribute to our economy 
and to make a living wage, raise revenue for the state's coffers and 
deny the black market. That is what we should envision.

The Rogue Valley is a highly valued destination: great climate, 
scenery, recreation, music, local GMO-free organic food, wine, and 
craft beer. We have the opportunity to add this burgeoning industry 
to that list. With consideration to youth and neighbor, and a 
tempering of fear, let us proceed.

Shirley Stanfield

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