Pubdate: Fri, 19 Feb 2016
Source: Day, The (New London,CT)
Copyright: 2016 The Day Publishing Co.
Author: Sanford D'Esopo


In the headlines, "Heroin is a disease," (Feb. 17), though 
commendable, isn't accurate. Heroin is just one substance that, like 
many, can cause the disease of addiction. As one long free of his 
addiction to another substance, alcohol, I'm concerned because the 
recent publicity over heroin deaths masks the fact that alcohol is a 
deadlier killer. Alcohol-related deaths dwarf those caused by all 
illegal drugs combined.

Despite my near-fatal addiction, like all serious observers I don't 
suggest banning John Barleycorn; Prohibition failed miserably. But 
so, all too obviously, has the so-called War on Drugs. In fact, the 
war has only made things worse.

It's past time that we consider legalizing all drugs.

With well-planned, carefully regulated legalization, drug potencies 
could be established, greatly reducing accidental overdose deaths by 
letting users know what they're taking. Violent illegal trafficking 
would diminish or even end, possibly making our cities livable again. 
The untold billions saved from law enforcement, and prisons, where so 
many lives are ruined, would be invested in treatment, effective and 
vastly less costly than incarceration. Finally, legalizing would 
create jobs and much-needed tax revenues.

 From the insanity of our current policies, sensible legalization 
would restore us to sanity.

Sanford (Sandy) D'Esopo Old Lyme
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