Pubdate: Thu, 03 Mar 2016
Source: Montana Standard (Butte, MT)
Copyright: 2016 Montana Standard
Author: William Hjorten


With the Supreme Court decision upholding a sneak attack on a 
thriving and needed industry, some pious souls are surely sitting 
back toasting each other with their drug of choice. Maybe they are 
even sucking on a cigarette or cigar. Well over 2,000 Montana 
taxpayers are not so joyous. They are now out looking for jobs our 
politicians have not been able to create.

An even more serious problem is being faced by several thousand 
individuals who threw away their prescription drugs and found relief 
from many afflictions using nature's wonder drug. A large percentage 
of medical marijuana cardholders will have no legal way to obtain the 
substance that worked on what ailed them. They will be forced to go 
back to the black market which has existed for decades and will not 
go away. It is alive and well in Oregon, Washington and Colorado and 
every other state in the union. The black market price for one pound 
of marijuana in Butte went from around $2,000 to $5,000 the day after 
the court decision. Many cardholders are older and on fixed budgets. 
They will be faced with a decision on where to allocate their funds. 
And again, money that stayed in Montana because of medical marijuana 
will flow out to Mexico and other states or to illegal growers who 
pay no taxes.

If anyone still believes there is no benefit from pot they should 
read Newsweek magazine's recent issue devoted entirely to marijuana. 
Funny, the Chinese have known of the benefits as far back as 2,000 
BC. I can now walk again without bending over in pain because of 
marijuana and know first-hand of many others who have benefited.

So, the naysayer have put good people out of work, made it difficult 
or impossible for hurting people to get the medicine that works for 
them and cost the state a lot of cash in taxes. Thank you for your 
nearsightedness and uncaring endeavor.

- -- William Hjorten, Butte
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