Pubdate: Thu, 17 Mar 2016
Source: Baltimore Sun (MD)
Copyright: 2016 The Baltimore Sun Company
Author: Larry Adler


As a representative of the treatment and recovery community in 
Maryland, I'd like to applaud the recent efforts of both the federal 
government and state of Maryland in recognizing the value of 
comprehensive addiction treatment and fighting back against the 
heroin and opiate epidemic that is still killing people in record 
numbers. The recent funding announcement, which will bring $1.8 
million into the state of Maryland for addiction treatment, was 
welcome news for both struggling addicts and addiction professionals 
who have been fighting an uphill battle ("Maryland clinics receive 
$1.8 million to treat heroin, opioid addicts," March11).

I have seen firsthand through treating over 1,000 addicts at Serenity 
Acres that it is only through comprehensive treatment programs that 
we can give addicts and alcoholics a fighting chance at lasting 
recovery. Unfortunately, for as many people as we have been able to 
help, there are countless more without insurance or with limited 
means who until now have been excluded from quality treatment for 
financial reasons. This funding will greatly expand the accessibility 
of addiction treatment, and hopefully there will be continued support 
at both the state and federal level. This epidemic knows no 
boundaries, and it is critical that everyone have access to 
comprehensive care if we are to make significant progress.

Larry Adler, Crownsville
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