Pubdate: Sat, 19 Mar 2016
Source: Seattle Times (WA)
Copyright: 2016 The Seattle Times Company
Author: C.A. Dwyer


My brother, Michael, suffered a lot of pain from a back injury 
related to a car accident in his 30s. His was prescribed opioids, 
which quickly became an addiction that ruled his adult life. He was 
in denial and refused help. He never had a problem finding drugs, and 
I don't mean illegally.

His doctors were more than happy to fill his requests for more. Due 
partially to his addiction, he lost his home, his business and some 
friends along the way. He became a bit of a hermit, and we often lost 
contact with him. Michael died two years ago. He was only 59. The 
damage to his body that caused his death was mostly due to his opioid 

Not only was it hard on my siblings and myself to lose our brother, 
but it was awful to watch my mother grieve the death of her eldest 
son. Before his addiction, he was quite the character and loved by 
many. It was heartbreaking to watch him decline into a man I did not 
know. We miss him dearly. We're hiding our heads in the sand if we 
refuse to face this problem head on. I think injection sites are a 
safe place for addicts.

It can't hurt to try.

C.A. Dwyer, Sammamish
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