Pubdate: Mon, 28 Mar 2016
Source: Idaho Statesman, The (ID)
Copyright: 2016 The Idaho Statesman
Author: Tim Teater


Recently, New Approach Idaho withdrew the medical marijuana 
initiative due to erroneously listing the American Academy of 
Pediatrics as supporting medical marijuana. While AAP did acknowledge 
the potential value of CBD, for severe seizures - and called for 
rescheduling to allow for research and called for decriminalization 
for use by minors and young adults - they do not support medical 
marijuana generally.

Sadly Elisha Figueroa, Idaho's "drug czar," used this unfortunate 
error to criticize decent and dedicated Idaho citizen activists 
saying they "misled, manipulate, and outright lie." She went on to 
play the "kid card" so common with prohibitionists who have nothing 
else, saying in part "... so today is a great day for the health and 
safety of Idaho's children." This, after she testified against the 
CBD oil bill that would have allowed use only for children with 
intractable seizures.

It is unfortunate that a state official feels the need to present 
questionable and controversial statements and studies in the 
marijuana section of Office of Drug Policy "Drug Facts." The truth 
will come out: that's why cannabis legal reform is sweeping the 
nation and Ms. Figueroa is on the wrong side of truth and history.

Tim Teater, Boise
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MAP posted-by: Jay Bergstrom