Pubdate: Fri, 06 May 2016
Source: Nelson Mail, The (New Zealand)
Copyright: 2016 Fairfax New Zealand Limited
Author: Steven Wilkinson


On May 2, TV3's Story ran a poll asking "should medicinal cannabis be 
legal in NZ?" , which returned a 97 per cent "yes" response. So 
what's the hold up? California has had medicinal cannabis for 20 
years, without any negative outcomes. Twenty-four out of 52 states 
have legalised medicinal cannabis, and considering that the US was 
the sole driver in prohibiting cannabis. Quality isn't the problem, 
because as soon as you regulate the market (taking it away from 
gangs) you have quality product. Overdosing isn't an issue, as no one 
in the history of cannabis use has ever died from it.Our style of 
governance is a democracy, which means the will of the people is 
taken into account. But is it? When politicians were asked about law 
change, most responded with their own personal belief. Cannabis has 
so many benefits that it shouldn't be left as a "last resort" 
medicine. More than just the terminally ill can benefit from this 
amazing plant. Please push for the model currently used in America.

Steven Wilkinson

Takaka, May 2
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