Pubdate: Fri, 06 May 2016
Source: Boston Herald (MA)
Copyright: 2016 The Boston Herald, Inc
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Author: Richard Elrick


Marijuana shouldn't be more regulated than alcohol ("Legalization 
battle bound for state's highest court," April 29).

The states of Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Colorado have moved to 
end marijuana prohibition and legalize and regulate pot just as we do 
alcohol. After almost 50 years of enduring an incredibly harmful and 
ineffective war on marijuana, the people of these states have finally 
and rightly concluded that there is no rational or humane reason to 
criminalize and outlaw the purchase or sale of marijuana.

The plant is far less addictive and toxic than any alcohol product 
that one can easily purchase at countless liquor stores. And 
marijuana does not have the problems associated with prescription opioids.

The "war on drugs," was started by President Nixon as a way to crush 
the black liberation and student-led anti-war movements. This war has 
done far more harm than good, leading to mass incarceration and 
organized crime, all the while, failing to reduce supply or demand.

- - Richard Elrick, Mashpee
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