Pubdate: Fri, 03 Jun 2016
Source: Asbury Park Press (NJ)
Copyright: 2016 Asbury Park Press
Author: Tom Dilberger


Regarding the May 29 point-counterpoint relating to drug use between 
Elaine Pozycki and Jeffrey Miron ("At Issue: Is N.J. winning war on 
heroin?," I fully support Miron's view that drugs should be 
legalized. It is absurd to continue this silly crusade against what 
people want to do.The government should let people make their own 
decisions on what they consume, good or bad.

Pozycki's slant is we should not only continue prohibitions against 
drug use but increase laws against people's personal desires, as if 
the government is their parent and they are children. It is apparent, 
though, that Pozycki is part of the massive "anti-drug" industry that 
has grown up around the use of opiates. In effect, people like 
Pozycki are in league with their so-called "opposite" number, the 
drug cartels, in not wanting drugs legalized. Legalization would 
destroy their respective livelihoods.

It is long past time to stop the ridiculous concept of arrest, trial 
and imprisonment of people who just want to do as they please and be 
left alone. Having said that, I don't use drugs myself and don't urge 
people to use drugs. All I want is this nonsensical war on drugs to 
finally cease.

Tom Dilberger

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