Pubdate: Sat, 03 Sep 2016
Source: Telegram, The (CN NF)
Page: A13
Copyright: 2016 The Telegram
Author: Jay Bergstrom


I'm writing regarding your editorial "Weeded out," Aug. 30.

I smoked many a reefer in the alley next to the Backward Clock on 
Water Street. Procured from and shared with friends. Prohibition 
invokes the most cruel capitalism, the iron hand of prohibition. The 
harder the prohibition, the harder the drugs. Sellers of low-quality 
product will get less market share.

I grew some great crops here in northern California, and have tossed 
many pounds into the stove due to mould caused by my ineptitude - 
very educational, that. While I am a big fan of the social joint in 
the alley, many other consumers are ill, immune-system compromised. 
If I made someone sicker with my mouldy weed, where would that put me 
in the line at the Pearly Gates?

In closing, my heart's desire would be a grey sunset on Signal Hill, 
light wind, and a fat, legal, reefer.

Jay Bergstrom Forest Ranch, Calif.
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