Pubdate: Fri, 14 Apr 2017
Source: Montreal Gazette (CN QU)
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Author: Alex Wilson
Page: A7
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Re: "Trudeau's pot legalization a headache for Quebec" (Montreal 
Gazette, April 13)

Certain politicians seem not to be in touch with their constituents,
or even reality, on the subject of marijuana legalization.

Some are saying legalizing pot would not reduce the effect of
organized crime on this industry.

Are they for real?

If the federal government goes ahead with what's proposed and prices
this product properly, the black market for pot will simply dry up.

It seems it's popular these days for politicians to say outlandish
things so they can appear on TV instead of proposing reasonable ideas
that are less sensationalistic.

Let's listen to our candidates - and vote them out of office when need

Alex Wilson, Montreal
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