Pubdate: Mon, 05 Jun 2017
Source: Ottawa Citizen (CN ON)
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Author: Francois Lavigne
Page: A10


Re: Medical journal blasts Liberals over pot age limit, May 30

While I understand the Canadian Medical Association Journal's concern
for the potential harmful effects of marijuana consumption on the
"young" brain, I also find the criticism of the government's plan
somewhat hypocritical.

If marijuana consumption is harmful, why single it out when the same
young person can legally obtain and consume alcohol at around the same
age as the proposed legislation? Surely the potential harmful effects
of alcohol on the human body and brain are just as well-known.

Why does the CMA not advocate as strongly for changes to the minimum
age for legally obtaining alcohol or for limits on its consumption? If
an individual is considered old enough to make his or her own choices
where alcohol is involved why should the same logic or rationale not
apply to marijuana consumption?

Could it be that alcohol remains a socially acceptable "drug," while
marijuana is not?

The proposed legislation specifically allows for provinces to match
age limits for alcohol and marijuana access.

It seems to me quite a rational and reasonable approach to the issue,
under the circumstances.

Francois Lavigne, Ottawa
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