Pubdate: Sat, 21 Oct 2017
Source: Edmonton Journal (CN AB)
Copyright: 2017 The Edmonton Journal
Author: Steven Zerebeski
Page: A12


My hope is that the supervised injection sites recently approved at
four locations in Edmonton will become a jumping-off point for
heroin-assisted treatment (HAT) in our province.

In my opinion, it is the only way to tackle the opioid scourge that is
leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. Countries like Switzerland have
experienced rates of homelessness and property crime associated with
problematic drug use approaching zero per cent after approving the use
of HAT by qualified doctors.

This approach is counter-intuitive to many, but the numbers speak for
themselves. The health authority in the United Kingdom figures that
for every dollar spent on harm reduction, it saves $3 in health
services and enforcement.

Steven Zerebeski, Beaumont
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