Pubdate: Sat, 27 Jan 2018
Source: Ottawa Citizen (CN ON)
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Author: Jack Pyl
Page: A11


I had to laugh when I saw the bit about Ottawa city planners trying to
keep legal pot shops out of neighbourhoods "experiencing
socio-economic stress," which I suppose is government bafflegab for

How did so much animus against pot arise in the first place? It was
seen as a "poor folks' drug" by rich white folks. The great and futile
war on drugs was essentially a class war: The judiciary and cops were
mere soldiers in that war to keep poor folks down.

So now that the war is over, and the value of marijuana is finally
recognized by even the densest government stooges, city planners want
to make sure only "advantaged" neighbourhoods can have it legally. The
poor can buy dime bags from illegal dispensaries (your local two-bit
dealer) thus defeating the purpose of legalizing pot.

If planners are at all interested in saving the poor from alcoholism
or worse, if they want to effectively shut down the illegal trade,
they will have to make marijuana accessible and affordable, rather
than the reverse.

Jack Pyl, Ottawa
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