Pubdate: Sat, 03 Feb 2018
Source: Ottawa Citizen (CN ON)
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Author: Emile Therien
Page: A11


There is absolutely no question that the gun violence being
experienced in Ottawa is fuelled by the drug trade. The futile war on
drugs simply cannot be won. Why we continue to defy and ignore more
than 100 years of failed prohibition is mind-boggling,
counterproductive and irresponsible.

Law enforcement, in and of itself, has never reduced or dried up the
supply of illegal drugs. Illicit drugs will be with us long into the
future. The so-called war on drugs, at an outrageous economic, social
and human cost, will simply not stop the demand for illegal drugs.

It is time to deprive drug lords, organized crime and narco-states of
the huge, tax-free profits realized for illicit drug use. It is now
time, as experts argue, to retreat on the war on drugs. Ending it is
the moral and politically correct thing to do. When dealing with gang
violence, focusing on failed solutions does not work. What we need is
a strategy that focuses on crime prevention through social
development. This will not happen overnight. Who is up to this challenge?

Emile Therien, public health and safety advocate, Ottawa
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