Pubdate: Fri, 09 Feb 2018
Source: Windsor Star (CN ON)
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Author: Monica van den Hoven
Page: ZA6


Re: Advocates pushing for safe injection site, by Brian Cross, Jan. 26.

In this excellent article it mentions several people who advocate for
a safe injection site and express the urgent need for an overdose
prevention site.

The article makes the following points: the need for the presence of
medical professionals to supervise injections by drug users; the need
to provide new needles in order to prevent infections; the importance
of administering naloxone in case of an overdose; and the need to
provide counselling so that more drug users will become former
addicts, as is the case of Matt Cascadden.

All these measures will make it safer to walk the streets for both
users and non-users.

To citizens who are opposed to an overdose prevention site, I
recommend that they read the article titled Pain and Privilege by Dr.
Ashley Miller published in the Globe and Mail. She states: "It was
only in this current state of true agony (severe back pain) that I
really began to understand the opioid problem: I had underestimated
how painful pain can be."

Further on in the article she adds: "Opioids dampen physical pain, but
they also feel like love, comfort and peace."

Miller, a physician, also states that many people cannot afford some
of the treatments which she received and often do not have a
supportive family.

Physical and emotional pain are common to many people for varied
reasons and, therefore, they should be treated in a non-judgmental and
respectful manner, as is the case with any other health problem. This
support will help many people become more resilient members of our

A safe injection site is a step in the right direction to make Windsor
a compassionate city with safer streets.

Monica van den Hoven, Windsor
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