Pubdate: Mon, 20 Jan 1997
Source: Star Ledger (NJ)
Author: Sean Flaim

I was surprised by David Evans' recent Speaking Up article which mentioned
the well-funded tobacco lobby in reference to medical marijuana. It seems
Evans is also promoting the schedule-one classification of tobacco for the
same reasons he sees for applying it to marijuana.

Maybe he is right. After all, cigarettes are highly addictive, serve no
useful medical purpose and have a high chance of being abused, the three
criteria for schedule-one classification. I'm sure if the government banned
tobacco as a controlled substance, people would gladly report to their local
precincts to hand over their newly designated contraband and swear off
cigarettes forever. Those who didn't could be sent to prison, where they
could mend their evil ways.

And maybe we should ban alcohol, too. It's also highly addictive and serves
no useful medical purpose. On the other hand, we tried that already.

Evans tells us that marijuana's only effect is to mask symptoms and make
some people feel better. Hmmm. Sounds like codeine, morphine and many other
painkillers. Maybe we should ban them, too.

Sean Flaim,