Pubdate: Mon, 19 May 1997
Source: Spokesman-Review, Spokane (WA)
Author: Tom Hawkins

Drug War Ruinous Of Society

Bravo to the November Coalition for their wonderfully truthful
depiction of the effects of the so-called "War On Drugs" on
American families. (Your View cartoon. May 10.)

There are those who continue to shout about the breakdown of our
society without considering the devastation wrought by arresting
non-violent drug users.

Until we acknowledge the war on drugs as the war on families
there is little chance of things getting better.

I agree with the November Coalition: Free the POWs in this modern
civil war.  Let them return to their families and their jobs.
The harm done by taking productive people out of society for an
act of freedom of choice is greater than we could have imagined.
Prohibition is far more harmful to society than the use of the
substances it attempts to control.  That's why every major study
conducted so far has recommended decriminalization of marijuana.

The citizens of America are waking up to the truth.  Let's hope
our elected officials will do so, and soon.  We have precious
little time before our society is in ruins, just another casualty
of the war on drugs.


Tom G. Hawkins

Grand Coulee