Pubdate: Sun, 28 Sep 1997
Source: Victoria Times Colonist (Canada)
Author: Carey Ker

Re: "Pot seized in airborne raid", [Sept 4]. So the boys are out playing
with their toys to eradicate a few plants.  I don't ever recall the
Prime Minister ever sanctioning the use of military force against the
citizens of this nation. Have we declared war against ourselves?
What is the rationale behind this flagrant misuse of our military and
police resources, never mind our tax dollars? What's next, paratroopers
to help incarcerate people who grow poppy seeds to sprinkle on top of

Anyone familiar with the geography of Canada will attest to its
enormity.  To believe that a handful of drug cops (no disrespect
intended to our police officers) could comb every inch of this country
to eradicate a plant (cannabis) that will grow almost anywhere is a sure
sign of insanity. There is just no way!

Policing this act is a futile task; people smoke marijuana in spite of
the sanctions imposed. Why waste our resources on policing this
activity? We need our police officers to catch crooks, rapists, child
molesters, murderers, white-collar criminals and the like. To do
anything else really strikes me as absurd to the extreme.

Carey Ker