Pubdate: Wed, 29 Apr 1998
Date: 04/29/1998
Source: Calgary Sun (Canada)
Author: Alan Randell

THE CRYPTIC comments at the end of the letters published mostly reveal
ignorance, rather than contribute to readers' understanding.

One comment demonstrates it's your reading comprehension that is not
up to par. The effort to critique G. Anutooshkin's letter, pointing
out, correctly, that changes in the law proposed by Solicitor-General
Andy Scott will not affect biker gangs (April 27) was: "Bikers have
adapted and prospered because they make fortunes from criminal activity".

But was this not Anutooshkin's point?

I'll spell it out for you. The letter's point was the law will not
curb bikers because they operate outside the law. That said, I must
confess I would have preferred it if the letter had spelled out the
obvious conclusion rather than simply implied it: That organized crime
will never be beaten until the various profitable businesses it
operates, such as drugs, prostitution and gambling, are brought within
the law.

How strange that, in a city where socialism supposedly has few
friends, your publication favors the big government approach that
supports the U.S.-led campaign to persecute innocent, mostly non-white
drug users around the world -- and yet, alas, survives.

Alan Randell

(Exactly. Currently our laws shackle police. We need to rewrite the
laws on organized crime.)