Pubdate: Tue, 28 Apr 1998
Date: 04/28/1998
Source: Calgary Sun (Canada)
Author: Alan Randell

I trolled through your April 24 editorial ("Tumor growing") in search
of intelligent life, but, sadly, came up empty.

Mindless promises from federal Solicitor General Andy Scott to cut the
"bikers to their knees," exhortations to "devise a battle plan to rid
Canada of these violent criminal organizations" and statements such as
"like fighting cancer, the battle will be costly and painful and it
will be worthwhile" will accomplish nothing.

Just as the prohibition of alcohol killed users, nurtured organized
crime and created murder and mayhem on the streets some 80 years ago
in the U.S., so now, America's drug war, brought to Canada, has
spawned the violence anew. End the prohibition and end the power of
the biker gangs.

Truly, the post of Canada's solicitor general re-mains empty, even
though Andy Scott occupies it.

No doubt Andy's VCR has been flashing 12 midnight since the day he
bought it.

Alan Randell

(Legalizing drugs would kill more people and cause more

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