Pubdate: Mon, 04 May 1998
Date: 04/05/1998
Source: Toronto Sun (Canada)
Author: Timothy J. Meehan

FEDERAL JUSTICE Minister Anne McLellan is wondering why there is so
much cannabis produced in Edmonton (March 29), and later states that
decriminalization is out of the question because she "will take no
steps that would worsen the drug problem in Canada." What she doesn't
realize is that the former activity is very lucrative because of lack
of action on the latter - Al Capone, anyone?

In fact, by maintaining the status quo she is worsening the

Just ask the Dutch - they tolerate cannabis use in society and nothing
much has changed, except maybe that kids don't have easy access to
cannabis and the government has saved millions, if not billions, by
not persecuting users.

Timothy J. Meehan

(Well, criminalizing drug use certainly hasn't worked)