Pubdate: Fri, 15 May 1998
Date: 05/15/1998
Source: Press & Journal (UK)
Author: Pat Dolan

SIR, National anti-drugs co-ordinator Keith Hellawell's philosophy
seems to be have a look right through the supply chain, where the
drugs are grown and manufactured before they become available on the
streets of Aberdeen.

Well, a lot of heroin is grown in Burma. I served there during World
WarII and could tell him quite a bit about the Burmese jungle.  But
would it be of any help? I think not.

However, I would offer a suggestion: remember what Clemenceau told his
staff officers: "Gentlemen, be like the parrot: he always makes sure
he has a firm grasp of the branch he is standing on before moving on
to the next."

Unless you can keep drugs out of our prisons and out of our nation's
schools, grandiose schemes for keeping them out of the country will
have no credibility. Cleanse our jails and schools and government
institutions first. Then, if success attends your efforts. people
might start listening to you.

Pat Dolan