Pubdate: Thu, 14 May 1998
Date: 05/14/1998
Source: Calgary Sun (Canada)
Author: Paul Hindson

TWO OSTENSIBLY unrelated items in the Sun on May 11 got me thinking.
One was Charlton Heston here in Calgary "putting in a plug" for the
NRA. The other was Bill Kaufmann's excellent column about the failed
war on drugs. The U.S. is a unique place where anyone, including
children, can get hold of enough guns to kill a dozen people at once.
It is also one of the few places where someone can get a life sentence
for growing marijuana. Equal opportunity!

Kaufmann wonders why the U.S. is happy to have its own children die of overdose and drug-related violence. One word, Bill: Corruption. There is no way the huge amount of drugs and dollars could flow without police, judges and politicians being paid off. By busting poor saps who aren't well-connected, the war on drugs will continue. Heston should clean up his own country before telling Canada what to do. And Bill, stay away from the marijuana. It can lead to worse things -- like drinking.

Paul Hindson

(We'll raise our glass to that.)