Pubdate: Fri, 06 Feb 1998
Date: 06/02/1998
Source: Calgary Sun (Canada)
Author: Kelly T. Conlon

YOUR REMARKS to MS sufferer and medical marijuana activist Lynn
Harichy's May 31 letter was "Pot is already virtually decriminalized
for personal use." I suppose "virtually" is one of those weasel words
editors and politicians like to invoke from time to time to defend the
indefensible. The last time I looked at the criminal code, can-nabis
possession was included. I didn't see any qualifiers, excluding sick
people from prosecution. Can you think of another medicine which must
be acquired through a court of law, rather than a pharmacy?

In any event, you've missed the larger point.

How are bedridden or disabled patients supposed to aquire a supply of
medicinal marijuana without risking prosecution for more serious
crimes like cultivation and trafficking?

Kelly T. Conlon

(Marijuana should be legalized for medicinal use.)