Pubdate: Sun, 21 Jun 1998
Date: 06/21/1998
Source: Calgary Sun (Canada)
Author: Mark Greer

ON JUNE 9, responding to a letter by Clifford A. Schaffer which
claimed that large drug seizures have no effect on availability, you
replied "Twenty tons? No effect? Come on." Are you running out of
marijuana or any other drug in Canada? I hadn't heard. We've got lots
of everything down here in the States and have had for the entire 80
years of the "War on Drugs."

The only thing I can point to as an absolute consequence of what some
claim to be over $1 trillion wasted on the drug war is that any child
with a $10 bill can buy any drug of choice anywhere in either country.

It seems to me we could have found a better way to spend our
hard-earned dollars. Improved drug education? Computers in the
schools? Better health care? All seem like wiser choices than throwing
the money away on a totally ineffective drug interdiction program.

Mark Greer Porterville, Calif.

(The pot runneth over.)