Pubdate: Thu, 17 Dec 1998
Date: 12/17/1998
Source: Victoria Times-Colonist (Canada)
Author: Matthew M. Elrod

In your editorial of December 15, ("It's a question of trust")
concerning the possible dismissal of the cannabis-growing UVic
sociology professor Jean Veevers, you wrote that, "politicians,
police, teachers, priests - should be held to a higher level of

Politicians should represent their constituents. A majority of
Canadians believe that cannabis should be decriminalized. Why is
cannabis still prohibited?

The police should enforce our laws or candidly let us know when our
laws are misguided and unenforceable. Why are the police asking for
more money to wage the failed war on drugs?

When pondering the employment of a sociology professor, the last
thing UVic President David Strong should consider is what antiquated
laws the professor has broken. Has Prof. Veevers performed her job
well and as required? It is a question of job performance.

Matthew M. Elrod