Pubdate: 1/15/98
Source: Madison WI ISTHMUS (Weekly) 
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When will this madness stop? Hemp seeds sterilized under bond are legal
trade commodities, so why don't the police go bust the folks who are
responsible for sterilizing it, rather than the guys buying it? Kentucky,
Alabama and Hawaii have all been through similar situations, which have
been resolved at the embarrassment and cost of the state (On the Town,
12/5/97) As a taxpayer, I implore Wisconsin decision-makers and media
representatives not to turn Wisconsin into a laughing stock.

Michael Sutherland, Black Mountain, NC.
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Bill Lueders reported that the Milwaukee Police Department had confiscated
a package of sterile hemp seeds that was bound for a Madison establishment.
Mr. Lueders pointed out that possession of sterile hemp seeds is not legal.
But doesn't it stand to reason that these seeds were not sterile until
intentionally made so, or that they were produced by a fully functional
(and presumably illegal) hemp plant? It seems like there might be a
legitimate trail for the cops to follow. 

Joe Kachelski, Verona

Editor's note: Typically, sterile hemp seed, like that found in bird feed,
is imported from China.