Pubdate: 24 Nov 1998
Source: Sonoma Index-Tribune (CA)
Copyright: 1998 Sonoma Valley Publishing
Author: Dave Ford
Note: Headline by MAP


Editor, Index-Tribune:

Voters in states across the nation sent a message to Congress: legalize the
use of marijuana as medicine. Voters in Alaska, Washington, Oregon,
Arizona, and Nevada, overwhelming approved ballot initiatives exempting
patients from criminal penalties when using marijuana under the supervision
of a physician. Thirty-six states have recognized marijuana as medicine.
(Congress refuses to release the vote count in Washington DC. Exit polling
indicated seven out of ten voted for medical marijuana.)

Politicians who have never had cancer, multiple sclerosis, agonizing muscle
spasms, rheumatoid arthritis, and other illness aided by nontoxic
marijuana, continue to charge that marijuana has no medical value.

I've had six cancer surgeries. Don't tell me marijuana isn't medicine. It
was during my bout with cancer that I wrote my nationally fast selling
hardback book, Marijuana: Not Guilty As Charged. I interviewed more than
300 medical marijuana patients. I've sat by the bedside of patients dying
from cancer when only marijuana eased their pain and vomiting, and allowed
them to die with dignity.

Fifty six percent of Californians voted for medical marijuana in 1966.
Something Dan Lungren forgot! Third party Minnesota gubernatorial candidate
Jesse Ventura, wasn't afraid to say that marijuana is medicine, and should
be legalized as such. He won!

The latest government's National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, found that
adolescent marijuana use is lower in California than in other states, less
than seven percent, compared to ten percent nationally. Kids have learned
that marijuana is medicine. alternative medicines are in. Wake up

David R. Ford
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Checked-by: Richard Lake