Source: Kitchener-Waterloo Record (Canada)
Copyright: Kitchener-Waterloo Record 1998
Author: Pat Dolan
Pubdate: Thursday, 3 Dec 1998 
Section: Letters to the Editor
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Philip Jalsevac's Nov. 28 article, Illegal Medicine, was inspiring.
Kitchener residents have every reason to be proud of the Record and of
Jeannette Tossounian, their own native Florence Nightingale. She has the
kind of concern for others which moved those who risked all during the war
years to help Jews escape the death camps.

Tossounian is an example of selfless heroinism who will send an enduring
and inspiring message to young people everywhere for her courage, her
survival, her message, her life.

To her -- and, symbolically, through her to Lynn Harichy and the others of
that precious band, those few unacknowledged, oft misunderstood, frequently
maligned dedicated ones -- I return the blessing so dearly bought, so
freely bestowed.

Pat Dolan
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Checked-by: Richard Lake