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Pubdate: 13 Dec 1998
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The op-ed article by Linda Bayer was extremely biased. Why is my government
wasting money on self-righteous paper-pushers?

Bayer is completely out of touch with the current activity occurring in our
country as a result of the drug war. She goes so far out of touch that she
states that the war on drugs is not a war at all.

My taxes pay this woman? What are they smoking up in Washington? The drug
war on a daily basis confiscates property and assets from citizens kind of
like the Nazis did from the Jews. The drug war on a daily basis releases
violent criminals to make room for nonviolent drug offenders. This in turn
makes our streets more dangerous -- kind of like a war zone.

I believe it is time for the General Accounting Office to hunker down on
the money we are throwing away on a war our country has launched against
its own citizens. By making our streets a war zone every American citizen
is under attack from our government.

J. L. Cunningham
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Checked-by: Richard Lake