Source: Isthmus (WI)
Pubdate: 17 Dec 1998


Politicians and pundits who continue to characterize Peter Steinberg's role
in the Dane County district attorney election as a "spoiler" just do not
get it (In the Loop, 11/6/98). Had candidates Deirdre Garton or Diane Nicks
articulated a viewpoint opposing marijuana prohibition, they would have
gained the support of voters who oppose ft.

Since they were unwilling or unable to do this due to political
constraints, nearly 13,000 voters showed their agreement with the rational
policies espoused by Mr. Stein-berg.

Steinberg voters also padded the totals of Tammy Baldwin, Russ Feingold, Ed
Garvey, Mark Pocan and other progressive candidates. The issue that brought
them to the polls brought their votes to these other candidates.

This is a growing constituency that discovered its political power in the
recent elections. With an organization now in place, active political
opposition to marijuana prohibition in Dane County will continue.

Steinberg is to be commended for having the courage to speak out about
prohibition's harmful effects. More candidates need to understand they have
more to gain by defending personal liberty than by hastening its demise.

Gary Storck


Ald. Tracey Amato's ill-mannered invective against my campaign for district
attorney says more about the deficiencies of the Democratic Party of Dane
County than it does about the merits of my "quixotic single-issue crusade."
It is evident from her intemperate letter that she makes no attempt to
avoid offending not only me, but the many supporters of my campaign.

If Ms. Amato wishes to blame anyone for Diane Nicks' occupancy of the Dane
County District Attorney's 0ffice, she need look no further than Bill
Foust, who accepted Gov. Thompson's shilling, in the form of an appointment
to the judicial bench, in order to allow Tommy to put a Republican in
Foust's place.

And Ms. Amato is wide of the. mark when she accuses the Madison left of a
"propensity to shoot itself in the foot" Speaking for myself alone, I can
only reply that my aim is a lot better than that, as I believe I have
demonstrated in this past election campaign. I want to publicly thank the
many volunteers and contributors who have helped make this one of the most
effective campaigns in recent Dane County history.

Peter L. Steinberg

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Checked-by: Mike Gogulski