Source: Lethbridge Herald (Canada)
Pubdate: Tuesday, 3 March 1998


I would like to comment on Tom Yeoman's column Marijuana: Keep it illegal,

Mr.Yeoman states: "Some glaucoma patients smoke marijuana because they say
it can reduce pressure in the eyes. For this effect to be consistent, they
must be constantly smoking.  But smoking up also constricts the blood
supply to the optic nerve and reduces the bloods's oxygen... a once a day
eye-drop called xalatan produces relief without such complications."

First of all it isn't glaucoma patients who say marijuana can reduce
pressure in the eyes.  There is a considerable amount of scientific
evidence that this drug is helpful to glaucoma patients.  Secondly, the
drug does not need to be smoked but can be consumed in other forms.

Thirdly, the array of drugs available to treat glaucoma are effective for
most patients.  There are some cases of the disease, however, which do not
respond to drugs available. There are also patients who are allergic to
these drugs.

I know, because I suffered terribly from side effects connected with
glaucoma drugs and was left with no option but dangerous and traumatic

For this reason, I believe it is wrong to obstruct research into the
medical uses of marijuana.

Marlene Dean Fort Macleod