Source: Orange County Register (CA)
Pubdate: Thu, 19 Mar 1998


Instead of attempting to engage in some form of reasonable compromise or
possibly use this opportunity to study the medical marijuana issue,the
Attorney General's office joined forces with the feds to engage in a
campaign of selective terrorism, frivolous prosecution and capricious civil
litigation. If these actions are any indications of hidden agendas, what
will Dan Lungren do if he is elected governor? A point that Lungren's
office may have overlooked is that 56 percent of the voting population
voted for the passage of Proposition 215. That is a rather large percentage
to alienate by refusing to accept and work with the will of the people.

It seems like business as usual. Lungren's office is powerless to do
anything about real crime, so they decide to come down hard on the small

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