Pubdate: Sat, 2 May 1998
Source: Edmonton Sun (Canada)
Comment: Parenthetical remarks by the Sun editor : headline by hawk

AS USUAL we can count on our elected leaders to act mindlessly in the face
of publicity. Rohypnol, the so-called date-rape drug, is rarely used as
such. But for a few widely publicized cases, it would remain unknown. Now,
thanks to talks of banning it, we will create another "drug menace."

Surely if our stalwart leaders were interested in solving a problem, they
should have first checked to see if there is one. Did a single one of them
bother to inquire as to whether rohypnol was in common use as a date-rape
drug? I doubt it, for if they had the cry would be about alcohol - not

Did a single one of them bother to do any research at all? The answer is
undoubtedly no. Otherwise they surely would have seen references to "The
Consumer's Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs" (Edward M.Brecher,
1972). The chapter, "How to start a nationwide drug menace" would have had
to give them pause (had it been found).

Pierre Honeyman

(We still think the drug has serious problems and should be restricted.)