Source: Sacramento Bee (CA)
Pubdate: Tue, 19 May 1998


I supported California's Proposition 215, which permitted the use of
medical marijuana to treat chronically ill patients. Unfortunately,
Attorney General Dan Lungren has refused to act in accord with the wishes
of voters. Therefore, to continue my support for Proposition 215, I will
cast my primary vote for Steve Kubby, Libertarian candidate for governor.
Kubby was indispensable in getting this vital initiative on the ballot, and
he will fight to protect the rights of patients.

Though Dennis Peron is running for governor as a Republican, it would be a
mistake for medical marijuana supporters to back Peron. He will not win the
GOP primary and therefore will cease to be in the public eye. Kubby, facing
no primary challengers, will remain in the race through November.

Kubby was an unsung hero in the Proposition 215 campaign, working behind
the scenes to build crucial support for the initiative.

- --Damon Falconi, Roseville

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Checked-by:  (Joel W. Johnson)