Source: The Washington Times Weekly Edition 
Pubdate: May 18-24, 1998
Fax: 202-832-8285 
Author: Greg Handevidt San Diego, California

LTE: Why stop here?

Anyone who believes that only 6 percent of the population has smoked 
marijuana is in la-la land. Does Mr. Gingrich advocate a police state? 
The government can simply not dictate appetite to FREE adults.
Law enforcement is not the answer.

We must re-evaluate our entire approach. We already incarcerate more 
of our citizens than any other country in the world.

Does Newt actually advocate throwing 6 percent of the population in 

This is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the 

These concepts cannot be reconciled with a policy that incarcerates 
adults for doing things to themselves. What next, prison terms for 
body piercings, tattooing, dying hair a certain color? After all, 
children who see adults with body piercings are influenced to pierce 
their own bodies, aren't they? Isn't body piercing immoral?

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